This is a very important day in the journey… Absolute Journey Tribute celebrates 1 YEAR OF ACTIVITY!… and what a year! We’ve been one of the most successful tribute band startups in North America. Couldn’t ask for more! … and we didn’t reach this goal by ourselves: your love and support did this! Thank you for being our fans and for helping us believing in ourselves even in front of the many hardships of modern music business. You’re awesome. We love you!!!


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    Patty VanFossan

    July 26, 2015 (08:28) Reply

    I, Patty VanFossan, am looking very forward to seeing you on Aug 28th at RIVERROCK in Warren OH!!
    Journey is in my top 3 favorite bands! I can’t wait!!

    • Avatar

      July 26, 2015 (15:26) Reply

      That’s great to hear Patty! Can’t wait to play that show. Our agency has a lot of connections in Ohio. If you like we could sign you up for our monthly newsletter so that you’ll be always updated on where and when we play.

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