Separate Ways LIVE video

We are proud to unveil our new live video of Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) recorded on the luxury cruise liner Celebrity Solstice this past June.

If you have a YouTube account please like this video at

Absolute Journey Tribute is the most travelled Journey tribute in the world. We perform at festivals, theaters, casinos, corporate events and on cruise ships all year long and our destinations include USA (16 States so far), Canada (6 provinces), Mexico and the Caribbean. We are currently working on expanding our reach. Next stop: overseas!

Thank you all for the invaluable support through the years. We’ll always give back!

Absolute Journey's destination in the Americas as of August 2018

Thank you for believin’!

We just reached 4,000 likes on our Facebook page ( and 1,000 followers on Instagram ( within the same week. We thank you all for “believin” in us!

If you have a YouTube account please like this video at

It’s been a hell of a great year so far. In particular we had encouraging props from two back to back shows on July 27 and 28. The crowd at River Rock at the Amp in Warren, Ohio has been bigger and noisier than ever this year. We literally got chased by a big crowd at the back of the venue and we weren’t able to come back to the front to greet the rest of the people. We are sorry if you missed talking with us this year. We really love communicating directly with our supportive fans.

Up next we have an event in Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario as Absolute Leppard Tribute on August 18 and an exciting

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    5000 times thank you

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