Thank you for believin’!

We just reached 4,000 likes on our Facebook page ( and 1,000 followers on Instagram ( within the same week. We thank you all for “believin” in us!

It’s been a hell of a great year so far. In particular we had encouraging props from two back to back shows on July 27 and 28. The crowd at River Rock at the Amp in Warren, Ohio has been bigger and noisier than ever this year. We literally got chased by a big crowd at the back of the venue and we weren’t able to come back to the front to greet the rest of the people. We are sorry if you missed talking with us this year. We really love communicating directly with our supportive fans.

Up next we have an event in Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario as Absolute Leppard Tribute on August 18 and an exciting

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    One year on the journey

    This is a very important day in the journey... Absolute Journey Tribute celebrates 1 YEAR OF ACTIVITY!... and what a year! We've been one of the most successful tribute band startups in North America